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Spati's Services


Machined parts for all of Spati's machines are produced at the in house machine shop. All parts for any of Spati's machines can be reproduced.

Spati is also able to replace any non Spati machined parts for your machines with an existing print or the part information needed for the engineers to replicate.

Spati also has a wide range of vendors to be able to replace any worn or damaged mechanical or electrical parts that you may need for your machine.


Spati machines are built to last and some are still running in production after 40 years. A lot of companies choose to upgrade their existing machines with Spati's new and improved designs while also incorporating new wiring, electrical and mechanical parts. We also have experience in retro-fitting machines that have not been built by Spati.


Spati has a wide variety of roll designs to accomodate any type of media for the best pleating process. All of our rolls are ground to specific size and hard chrome plated for maximum durability and wear.

Score Rolls are the most important part of the pleating process. Spati does a standard single blade scoring process for basic pleats.

A double blade score roll is utilized for a box pleat which allows for easy application of glued strips (cardboard or fabric) to be applied to the top or bottom of the crowns of every pleat. Spati also incorporates the use of hardened steel inserts in the score bar to allow the media to be embossed so that when the media is pleated it gives an automatic seperation to the pleats.

Backup Rolls accompany every score roll to give a smooth surface for the media to be scored evenly. There are multiple different types:

-Smooth finished roll; steel or urethane coated.

- In the case of top and bottom scoring, there are hardened tool steel anvil blades or urethane strips inserted into the roll equally spaced with the score blades.

All of these rolls are dependant on the type of media being used and the best application for the process.

Feed Rolls are used to pull the media evenly through the scoring process. Smooth rolls, Knurled rolls and Urethane rolls are all used to pull the media through the machine. All rolls are grooved for an easier transfer into the discharge staion where the media is folded and collected.

Star Wheel Rolls are utilized in the process of pleating and folding multiple layers or media laminated with expanded metal.


Spati's in house Electrical/Programming Engineer can help you with any of your programming issues. Spati can help from troubleshooting problems with existing machines to fully programming a new machine from start to finish.

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