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Spati develops filter lines, standalone pleaters, and equipment providing functions for corrugating, cutting, compacting, hot-melt and ultrasonic bonding, conveying, seaming, laminating, edge banding, and end cap assembly.


  • Rotary score type and star wheel type pleating machines.

  • For quick change over we offer roll on and off interchangeable scoring heads.

  • The servo drive machine is more versatile, offering programmable pleat heights, which is ideal if you run varied heights with frequent change overs.

Servo Pleaters:
  • Can be programmed for quick change over and can be accessed remotely via the internet to do program modifications and trouble shooting. 

  • Allows you to do a work log to track production and store run information such as pleat heights and diameter sizes for easy set up.

  • Depending on the media type, we offer top and bottom scoring or single side scoring.


Star Wheel Pleater:
  • Will pleat multiple layers of media at once.

  • Designed with independent frames for the star wheel rolls, which allows for easy removal when replacing it with other star wheel and frame assemblies.


  • We offer automatic or manual cutting machines.

    • The automatic machines will cut to length or a marked pleat count, with a top or bottom crown cut and at high speeds.

    • The manual cutting machine cuts the crowns off the top of the pleats and can cut multiple layers including metal materials.

  • The ultrasonic sheeter is used to keep woven material from fraying when cut. This machine can be programmed for part sizes.


  • Hot Melt Glue Seaming is more economical than other applications and can be used in lines where high production is necessary.

  • Metal Side Clip machine is useful for chemical filtration applications where a glue seam could be weakened.

  • An ultrasonic seamer is a good choice when possible. The media will adhere to itself thus eliminating clean up and extra cost for additional materials.


  • Designed to accommodate different types of media and multiple layers.

  • Web guides can be added to help keep each media type tracking properly.

  • This machine is made of welded tubular steel with pneumatic lift arms and can be programmed to wind various diameter rolls. The feed stations will transfer material to a winding spindle.

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