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Spati's Offerings


Spati Industries occupies a unique position in the custom machining market. Spati has focused on filtration as part of our core business. We produce filtration equipment and tooling engineered to your manufacturing needs. If you have already exisiting filtration equipment we will work with you to develop a strategy for machine and system integration.

Spati knows that you are not just buying a machine - you are investing in the success of your business. When you invest in a Spati machine, you reap the benefit of investing with a seasoned veteran of over fifty years in this highly technical, specialized field. You get much more than just machinery - you get all of the following:


Complete In-House Capabilities. Spati is with you all the way, from design to manufacturing to customer support. Each machine is completely manufactured by us in our facility.

Quality. From machine concept, computerized design, quality control, parts fabrication, assembly through testing, Spati production is facilitated by highly skilled workmanship. This assures you the finest machinery, which will meet your specific requirements.

Total Customer Support. Every Spati machine comes with a complete service manual while our service department stands ready to answer your call.

Safety. Operator safety is always built into every Spati machine, which includes safety guards and careful labeling of concerned areas.

Durability. Spati machines are built to last with heavy duty materials and solid, quality construction to ensure years of service.

Ease of Operation. We utilize state-of-the-art computerized electronic controls, providing the user with trouble-free machines that are easy to use.

Versatility. Every Spati machine is custom-designed to your specifications and the unique requirements of your situation.

World-wide Prominence. Spati is internationally recognized for our quality machine products, with satisfied customers all over.



Spati Industries has designed and built special machinery, equipment and tools to manufacture, assemble and test products of all kinds. Over the years Spati has accumulated experience in all types of special machinery with all of our projects made specifically with your unique requirements in mind. Spati can help solve your production and manufacturing problems.

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